Matapalo Waterfall Hike

This is a 5-7 hour tour, depending on your transportation. You can drive yourself and arrive as early as 8:00 AM, and depart at 3:00 PM. Or you can get there by the collectivo which passes the gate of Playa Lapa around 8:30 AM, and departs Matapalo at 2:30 PM. 

Explore Matapalo with a bilingual naturalist guide and experience  the real  Matapalo through a local Tico’s  eyes. The most impressive of the regional waterfalls is the King Louis, located about 750 meters from Matapalo Beach.  This hike will take you though a variety of habitats including primary and secondary forest, tropical rain forest, river, beach, and several lower cascades before reaching the King Louis. The 90ft waterfall  located in the heart of the rainforest is a rewarding hike, with a good chance for  wildlife spotting along the way.  You’ll have to hike part way up along the river for about 15 minutes until you get to Louis, so rubber boots are recommended for traction. You will need insect repellent or protective clothing.