Carate Bird Watching Tour

This tour departs Playa Lapa at 5:30 AM and goes for 2 hours. Your guide will take you through several habitats, including jungle, beach and into the watershed area. Rubber boots are recommended for protection against water and snakes. Repellent is a must, in leu of wearing long sleeves and pants. You will see a variety of shore birds near the lagoon, parrots in the almond trees along the beach, and at higher elevations, you will see Tucans and other colorful passerines, raptors, and possibly the king vulture, which has been sighted near the waterfall.  

  • Carate Bird Watching Tour
  • Brown Pelicans--Carate Beach
  • Scarlet Macaws
  • Little Green Heron
  • Chestnut Billed Tucan
  • CaraCara--Carate
  • Night Heron, Lagoon
  • Black Throated Trogon, Carate
  • Blue-Gray Tanager, Playa Lapa
  • Scarlet Macaw