Carate Lagoon Kayak Tours

These tours departs from Playa Lapa at any time of the day and night, but will be tide dependent if the lagoon is open.  Duration is 1-3 hours.

Day time tours usually depart In the early morning hours or late afternoon, times that are recommended for most comfortable temperatures. However there are nice shady coves in the lagoon to get a break from the sun should that become a problem. Your guide will take you to explore these  secret places where you will see shore birds, crocodiles, lizards and frogs up close. Great photography tour! If the lagoon is open, it will be a rare chance to photograph the Roseate Spoonbill feeding on the mud flats, and a crocodile or two sunning himself.  Bring a hat, water bottle, repellent, and your camera.

The night tour usually departs from Playa Lapa at 7:00PM, again tide permitting if the lagoon is open. Your guide will be searching for pairs of eyes (crocodiles), and tree frogs near the shoreline. The crocs can be seen coming ashore on the spit between the lagoon and the beach, as well as female turtles in search of a nesting spot. The sounds of the night (or absence thereof) can be quite a contrast to the daytime activity, emphasized by the stillness of the lagoon that lies just below sea level, and out of hearing of the waves on the beach. Bring repellent and your camera.