Ave Azul de la Osa Eco Tour Endangered Bird Breeding Facility and Inland Jungle Hike

Ave Azul


This is an exceptional tour for bird enthusiasts and jungle hikers, as well as families and anyone looking for something really unique!

Ave Azul is a federally licensed Avicultural compound, supporting conservation through captive propagation.  Ave Azul is associated with Parrot Jungle of Kauai, Hawaii, USA, where director Patrick Dunn was curator of birds for 8 years, and manager of the parrot park for nearly 17 years.

Ave Azul de la Osa is a 250 acre breeding facility in Corcovado National Park Reserve, featuring breeding pairs of  Hyacinth, Green Winged, Military and Blue and Gold Macaws, Kookaburras, African Crowned Cranes, and Amazon parrots.

Curator Patrick Dunn will give you informative insight concerning the captive breeding of endangered species, learning the fascinating facts of each species of bird in the breeding program and their production status.

A jungle hike on well maintained hiking trails throughout the surrounding area will be guided by Patrick Dunn, Safari Guide and Naturalist. Observe the local wildlife: all 4 species of monkeys found in Costa Rica, sloths, tyras, toucans, agouties, peccaries (White-lipped and collared), tapirs, crocodiles, as well as 60 to 140 species of local birds and spectacular insects. The compound’s location on the only local waterway provides multiple native species sightings during the dry season, and a variety of other natural curiosities. This hike contrasts with the Carate and Corcovado hikes, which are predominantly a beach jungle/lowland watershed ecosystem.

You will have the opportunity to play with tame parrots on the veranda where you may eat a lunch you bring (ice tea will be provided).

Additionally,  there is a natural history museum on the premises, displaying preserved specimens, fossils, shells, a large egg collection and extensive insect collection.

Come and see what the future of aviculture is like and experience the inland jungle at Ave Azul de la Osa!!  

Please visit their website at www.aveazuldelaosa.com for more information